Past Meetings

On this page you can find a number of programme and abstract booklets from previous some of our previous meetings. Simply click on the links below to access these documents, which will provide an insight into the format and structure of our annual scientific meetings, as well as all the abstracts presented at those meetings.

Porto_Abstracts_Final2019: Porto, Portugal
2018: Haifa, Israel
2017: Toulouse, France
2016: Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
2015: Heidelberg, Germany
2014: Caen, France
2013: Wroclaw, Poland
2012: Vienna, Austria
2011: Nicosia, Cyprus
2010: Enschede, The Netherlands
2009: Joint meeting with AACE
2008: Joint meeting with AACE
2007: Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
2006: Enschede, The Netherlands
2005: Birmingham, UK
2004: Caen, France
2003: Trollhattan, Sweden
2002: Nijmegan, The Netherlands
2001: Antwerp, Belgium