Annie Bosch Memorial Award

Prize for Best Oral Presentation

Annie Bosch

Mrs Annie Bosch
(1946 to 2002)

This award has been founded in memory of Annie Bosch, (1946-2002) secretary and treasurer of the European Association for Cancer Education 1998 – 2001.

Annie originally trained as a teacher, and then moved into health care and trained as a nurse. Although she remained in healthcare, she never lost her enthusiasm for, and involvement in education. It was therefore not surprising that Annie ultimately worked for the Comprehensive cancer centre for the East Netherlands IK/O where she became director for Nurse Education and training. She pioneered several initiatives in education, including education support teams for palliative care, and multi-media interactive education packages. Annie also had a keen interest in palliative care and was a founder member of the International Palliative Nursing Network (IPNN).

Her commitment to improving cancer care together with her generous and caring personality, boundless energy and a love of life meant that Annie was a supportive and caring colleague, that will always be remembered by her friends and colleagues.

This award has been funded by her husband Henk Schok to enable her legacy of supporting colleagues as they strive to improve not only their care but also their education and dissemination skills.